Cutting Red Tape

National Strategies for Administrative Simplification

image of Cutting Red Tape

Red tape is burdensome to companies,  inhibits entrepreneurship, and reduces competitiveness.  This book examines country strategies and tools for reducing red tape and the institutional frameworks set up to reduce red tape, and finds what the trends are and what strategies are working. 

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Simplification Strategies

Administrative simplification is an integrated part of many governments’ regulatory reform policies and broader programmes for public governance. Simplification strategies focus on two dimensions: ex ante control of the burden introduced by new regulations (a flow concept) and the reform ex post of existing burdensome regulation (a stock concept). Some countries have strong ex ante strategies; others put their simplification efforts on the review of regulations ex post. The strategies outlined above are, however, not mutually exclusive and countries tend to use a range of strategies at the same time.

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