Counterfeiting and Piracy and the Swedish Economy

Making Sure "Made in Sweden" Always Is

The Swedish economy is innovative and rich in intellectual property (IP), with nearly every industry either producing or using IP. Swedish innovative industries are also export-dependent and very deeply integrated in the global economy, through active participation in global value chains. At the same time, the threats of counterfeiting and piracy are growing – and Sweden is vulnerable. This report measures the direct economic effects of counterfeiting on Swedish industry, government and consumers. It examines both the impact of the imports of fake products to Sweden and – more importantly – the impact of the global trade in fake products that infringe on the IP rights of Swedish innovative companies.

10 May 2019 76 pages English Also available in: Swedish 9789264504639 (PDF) 9789264487659 (EPUB)

Author(s): OECD