Costa Rica: Good Governance, from Process to Results

image of Costa Rica: Good Governance, from Process to Results

The review analyses key areas of public governance in Costa Rica and identifies opportunities to improve the performance of the state in order to ensure more effective and efficient service delivery for all citizens. It examines co-ordination at the centre of government, public policy monitoring and evaluation and the use of the budget framework for strategic planning. It also looks at human resource management, integrity policies and public procurement, and multi-level governance. The review provides recommendations to assist the government in strengthening the capacity of the public sector to support social and economic development.



Improving multi-level governance in Costa Rica

This chapter describes the importance of effective and efficient multi-level governance to enhance national development outcomes for citizens and businesses. It highlights that Costa Rica’s multi-level governance is based on a mix of institutionally autonomous and territorially decentralised entities with currently very limited leverage for the latter, given the minimal level of public expenditure at the sub-national level and basic responsibilities in terms of public service production and delivery. It also studies the effectiveness of the Costa Rican constitutional reform of 2001 to allocate more functions and resources to local governments. The chapter suggests ways to improve the delivery of services across the territory, and close the urban-rural gap through the use of contracts to facilitate the functional relation between the central government and municipalities; the creation of a network of community agents providing local government with capacity building; and the introduction of flexibility in the governance system to help tailor policies to places. The


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