Corporate Governance of Listed Companies in China

Self-Assessment by the China Securities Regulatory Commission

image of Corporate Governance of Listed Companies in China

This report looks at the institutional framework of corporate governance in China through the prism of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and is a product of the ongoing OECD-China Policy Dialogue on Corporate Governance. By assessing a broad range of laws, regulations and codes, it provides a valuable reference for understanding how much has been achieved in Chinese corporate governance and the main ambitions of future reform efforts.

The report shows that corporate governance has improved significantly since the Chinese stock market was created in 1990, with important achievements in establishing and developing the legal and regulatory framework. The OECD-China Self-Assessment represents a thorough review of all laws, regulations and codes that relate to every principle recommended by the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. It documents the advances in the Chinese Corporate Governance framework. Building on this report, bilateral co-operation between China and the OECD will continue to enhance the understanding of China’s corporate governance system and how it impacts on company and investor behaviour.



Preface by SHANG Fulin

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Chinese capital market. In the past two decades, it has started from scratch and experienced an extraordinary growth with market size increasing from small to big and market coverage from regional to nationwide, playing an important role in the national economic and social development. The development of the capital market has promoted the establishment of a modern enterprise system in China. Listed companies, outstanding representatives of Chinese enterprises, are the corner stone of sound capital market development. The improved governance system and higher governance level of listed companies have consolidated the foundation of the capital market, increased its attractiveness and vitality, given an effective boost to the capital market's role in optimising resource allocation and promoted the healthy and steady development of the Chinese capital market.


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