Comparing Administrative Burdens across Countries

image of Comparing Administrative Burdens across Countries

Cutting red tape to improve business conditions has become a priority in OECD countries. This pilot study measures and compares administrative burdens in the transport sector across eleven member countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Turkey. The aim of the exercise is twofold: to identify good practices and provide input for national simplification strategies, and to develop and test a method for cross-country comparison. This report is published in English only. However, a French translation of the executive summary has been included in this volume.

English Also available in: Spanish

Red Tape Assessment Analysis of the Road Freight Sector

The Red Tape Assessment analysed a set of administrative procedures in the road freight sector as a case study for cross-country comparisons of the administrative costs within a specific sector. Eleven participating countries were required to carry out their own analysis over the period of November 2005-March 2007. The analysis is based on the validated data sheets received from those countries. While many methodological issues are raised, the RTA has enabled a comparative assessment of the administrative requirements imposed in each jurisdiction which provides a basis for identifying good practices which have resulted in fewer administrative burdens.


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