Colombia: Implementing Good Governance

image of Colombia: Implementing Good Governance

Colombia has undergone profound change over the last ten years and has made significant progress in implementing its governance agenda with policies that aim to strengthen its institutions and promote sustainable, inclusive growth in all regions of the country. The Public Governance Review therefore offers advice to help Colombia address its governance challenges effectively and efficiently over time. It provides an assessment and recommendations on how to improve its ability to set, steer, and implement multi-year national development strategy. The Review addresses centre-of-government co-ordination, evidence-based decision-making, multi-level governance and thematic issues related to whole-of-government strategic human resource management, e-government, and public procurement. Overall, strategic agility in managing an efficient and effective public administration that delivers sound policy to citizens and business in support of the country’s security, growth and prosperity, are key to ensuring that Colombia’s government can deliver policy in a way that advances the country’s long-term development, cohesion, competitiveness and prosperity agenda.

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Evidence-based decision making in Colombia

This chapter assesses the extent to which Colombia’s central government could improve its decision-making practices by building on its impressive achievements in whole-of-government performance-assessment, linking budgeting to strategyimplementation, and in whole-of-government audit and control to fight corruption. The chapter addresses the need for Colombia to enhance its strategic-foresight capacity by harnessing evidence on emerging challenges and trends over a ten to twenty-year planning horizon to inform its four-year development plans. It assesses Colombia’s capacity related to performance assessment, regulation and rule-making, and audit and control, highlighting recent successes at reform and suggesting that the central government build on these and build capacity in these areas sub-nationally.

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