Civic Space Review of Romania

image of Civic Space Review of Romania

EU Funded Note

The Civic Space Review of Romania provides an in-depth analysis of national legal frameworks, policies, institutions, and practices relevant to civic space protection. It reviews strengths and areas for improvement, and providing guidance on a wide range of issues. The Review assesses four key dimensions of civic space: civic freedoms, media freedoms and online civic space, the enabling environment for civil society organisations, and citizen participation in policy and decision making. The findings and recommendations offer a blueprint for a more transparent, responsive, participatory, and accountable governance in Romania that informs and engages citizens and empowers stakeholders to achieve shared objectives together.


Introduction to the protection of civic space in Romania

This chapter provides an overview of Romania’s commitment to protecting and promoting civic space. It discusses the government’s strategic vision for civic space and accompanying institutional arrangements. It also examines challenges, including low democratic participation and trust, social inequalities and discrimination, pressures on the information and media landscape, and low levels of digitalisation affecting access to online civic space.


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