Sigma Public Management Profiles

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SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and MAnagement) is a joint initiative of the OECD and the European Union. Sigma's Public Management Profiles provide comprehensive information on horizontal management systems and identify the main issues governing the public sector in a given country. Areas covered include the constitutional framework, legislative authority, central executive, personnel management, administrative oversight and control, and the management of European integration.



The Republic of Bulgaria was restored in January 1990, following amendments to the communist-inspired constitution, which put an end to the single-party rule of the Bulgarian Communist Party, and the conclusion of the round table agreement between the communist government and representatives of the democratic opposition. The new Bulgarian Constitution was adopted by the Grand National Assembly in July 1991. It marked the return to multi-party democracy. Since the beginning of democratic transformation in Bulgaria, four general parliamentary elections have been held, including the elections to what was then called the Grand National Assembly of June 1990, and elections to the national assembly in October 1991, December 1994 and, most recently, April 1997. The next parliamentary elections are scheduled for spring 2001. Presidential elections were held in January 1992 and November 1996. The next elections for the presidency will be held in autumn 2001. Democratic local government elections took place in October 1991 and in November 1995. The next round of local elections will take place in the autumn of 1999.

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