Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy

Preparing the Ground for Government Action

image of Building Trust and Reinforcing Democracy

Democracies are at a critical juncture, under growing internal and external pressures. This publication sheds light on the important public governance challenges countries face today in preserving and strengthening their democracies, including fighting mis- and disinformation; improving government openness, citizen participation and inclusiveness; and embracing global responsibilities and building resilience to foreign influence. It also looks at two cross-cutting themes that will be crucial for robust, effective democracies: transforming public governance for digital democracy and gearing up government to deliver on climate and other environmental challenges. These areas lay out the foundations of the new OECD Reinforcing Democracy Initiative, which has also involved the development of action plans to support governments in responding to these challenges.

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Transforming public governance for digital democracy

Digitalisation has opened new channels for citizen empowerment, political participation, and government transparency, enhancing people’s civil liberties and political rights. At the same time, it has brought new risks to the effective exercise of civil liberties and political rights. This chapter looks at the role of public governance institutions in enabling and enhancing digital democracy, while mitigating the risks of digitalisation to democracy. In particular, it discusses how to safeguard the integrity of elections and protect the democratic debate, foster citizen participation in the digital age, promote government transparency and accountability in the digital era, and adapting institutions and legal frameworks for digital democracy.

English Also available in: French

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