OECD Regulatory Policy Working Papers

This series gathers together OECD working papers on the tools, governance and institutions of better regulation and their impact on policy outcomes. It includes both technical and analytical material, prepared by staff and experts in the field. Together, the papers provide valuable context and background for OECD publications on regulatory policy and governance.


Building Regulatory Policy Systems in OECD Countries

This paper exploits the rich dataset collected in the context of the 2014 Regulatory Indicators Survey to analyse how countries put in place the building blocks of their regulatory policy systems. It complements the 2015 OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook by systematically examining country practices in the areas of regulatory impact assessment, stakeholder consultation and ex post evaluation of regulations. In particular, it seeks to inform discussions about the sequencing of measures in implementing policy in these three areas, through the adoption of legal requirements, the development of appropriate methodology, the establishment of transparency mechanisms and of oversight and quality control. In order to provide concrete illustration and lay the ground for practical reform advice, the paper identifies groupings of countries around the emphasis they put on each of these tools.


Keywords: evidence-based decision making, regulatory impact assessment, ex post evaluation, stakeholder engagement, transparency, open government
JEL: K2: Law and Economics / Regulation and Business Law; P5: Economic Systems / Comparative Economic Systems; O5: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth / Economywide Country Studies
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