OECD Journal on Budgeting

The OECD journal on public sector budgeting, published three times per year. It draws on the best of the recent work of the OECD Working Party of Senior Budget Officials (SBO), as well as special contributions from finance ministries, and makes it available to a wider community in an accessible format. The journal provides insight on leading-edge institutional arrangements, systems and instruments for the allocation and management of resources in the public sector. Now published as a part of the OECD Journal subscription package.

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Building a consensus for fiscal reform

The Chilean case

The financial crisis that started in Asia in 1997 brought up a renewed concern over public finances in emerging economies. As most observers failed to detect creeping fiscal disequilibria, large public contingent liabilities, vulnerable asset-liability structures and time inconsistencies of fiscal policy, international financial institutions committed themselves to promote higher transparency and efficiency in the management of public finances. This has resulted in a stream of transparency codes, guidelines and best practice reports over the last couple of years that intend to prevent such failures in the future...

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