OECD Journal on Budgeting

The OECD Journal on Budgeting is published three times per year. It draws on the best of the recent work of the OECD Committee of Senior Budget Officials (SBO), as well as special contributions from finance ministries, academics and experts in the field and makes it available to a wider community in an accessible format. The journal provides insight on leading-edge institutional arrangements, systems and instruments for the allocation and management of resources in the public sector.

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Budgeting in Kazakhstan

A roadmap for continued budgetary governance reform

The Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest economy in central Asia, and one of the fastest

growing in the region. Having benefited from oil wealth as well as a diversifying and

liberalised economy, Kazakhstan envisages a progressive modernisation of the political,

administrative and juridical culture within the country. While strong progress has already

been made on several fronts, other aspects of these envisaged reforms are at early stages.

This OECD review takes stock of these reform efforts, and is designed to assist the national

authorities in charting a course for future reforms and innovations.


Keywords: Nurly Zhol, National Fund, budget transparency, citizen engagement, gender budgeting, Budgetary oversight, Budgetary governance
JEL: H83: Public Economics / Miscellaneous Issues / Public Administration; Public Sector Accounting and Audits; H61: Public Economics / National Budget, Deficit, and Debt / Budget; Budget Systems; H50: Public Economics / National Government Expenditures and Related Policies / National Government Expenditures and Related Policies: General
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