Better Regulation Practices across the European Union 2022

image of Better Regulation Practices across the European Union 2022

Laws and regulations affect the daily lives of businesses and citizens. It is important that they are designed in a way that takes account of their social, environmental and business impacts and ensures they remain relevant in today’s fast-changing context. The second edition of the Better Regulation Practices across the European Union report analyses recent developments and current practices for improving the quality of laws and regulations across all 27 EU Member States and the European Union. Using the OECD Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance, the report systematically assesses the use of evidence-based tools and stakeholder participation in the design and review of both domestic and EU laws and regulations, and provides a detailed assessment of the application of the proportionality principle. The report presents good regulatory practices and highlights areas that should receive further attention and investment.



Latvia has recently made several substantive reforms building on its existing regulatory policy framework. The obligation to conduct regulatory impact assessment (RIA) was introduced in 2009. RIA is required for all draft legal acts including subordinate regulations submitted to the Cabinet. RIA should be prepared early in the policy-making process and undergoes public consultation with the draft law. The impacts assessed cover mainly financial, budgetary, and administrative costs, and broader environmental and social costs. Policy makers now have the benefit of guidance material to assist in the preparation of RIAs including in the identification of the baseline, various options, and cost-benefit analysis. Consideration should now be given to improving the quantification of impacts of draft legislation and policy documents, as well as enhancing capacities to conduct cost-benefit analysis.


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