Better Regulation in Europe: Belgium 2010

image of Better Regulation in Europe: Belgium 2010

This report maps and analyses the core issues which together make up effective regulatory management for Belgium, laying down a framework of what should be driving regulatory policy and reform in the future. Issues examined include: strategy and policies for improving regulatory management; institutional capacities for effective regulation and the broader policy making context; transparency and processes for effective public consultation and communication; processes for the development of new regulations, including impact assessment and for the management of the regulatory stock, including administrative burdens; compliance rates, enforcement policy and appeal processes; and the multilevel dimension: interface between different levels of government and interface between national processes and those of the EU. This book is part of a project examining better regulation, being carried out in partnership with the European Commission.



Annex D: E-depot

The “e-depot” system, which allows transactions via a notary to be processed electronically, was implemented in March 2007. The transformation of a paper-based process into an electronic process has reduced the time needed for completing the formalities for registering the creation of a company, from up to 56 days in 2004 to 3 days. Several minutes after the deposit, the notary receives the new company registration number which can then be electronically activated by the starting entrepreneur in any of the ten accredited enterprise offices in the country, and the new company can commence operations.


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