Benchmarking Digital Government Strategies in MENA Countries

image of Benchmarking Digital Government Strategies in MENA Countries

This report benchmarks digital government strategies in MENA countries against OECD standards and best practices. Using the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies as analytical framework, the report provides an in-depth look at the efforts made by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates to use digital technologies strategically to support broader policy objectives. New technologies can help foster economic value creation, make institutions more inclusive, improve competitiveness and promote effective decision-making in the public sector. This report also assesses the use of ICTs to strengthen trust in government through greater openness and engagement, and suggests how MENA countries can better co-ordinate and steer the digital transformation of the public sector.


Building capacity for implementation and impact

This chapter covers the institutional capacities of governments in the region to implement digital government strategies and deliver the expected impact and results of the use of digital technologies in the public sector. This chapter assesses the use of key processes and tools enabling public institutions to make strategic decisions in ICT management and acquisition. It looks at the use of ICT business cases and the strategic procurement of ICTs, to avoid duplication of efforts and capture synergies, and help public institutions manage ICT projects effectively and achieve their objectives efficiently. In addition, Chapter 5 provides an overview of government’s ability to manage ICT projects and digital technologies, the availability of advanced digital skills in the public sector and the existence of legal and regulatory frameworks that enable the public sector to reap the full benefits of ICTs. The chapter advances recommendations to strengthen institutional capacities in the countries assessed.


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