SIGMA Public Procurement Briefs

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SIGMA Public Procurement Briefs provide input for training systems that are in compliance with EU public procurement legislation and practices and with related national legislations. They contribute to the improvement of professional skills of procurement officers and managers – both in the public sector (contracting authorities) and the private sector (economic operators). Some of the briefs are available in other languages, namely Armenian, Azeri, Romanian and Russian


Audit of Procurement

SIGMA Brief 28 aims to give guidance to auditors dealing with public procurement processes. Based on audit experience, it examines the stages that are worth looking at and explains why. It highlights those aspects that are recommended to be considered in more detail. It also gives advice as to which documents the auditor is suggested to scrutinise in order to find evidence. Brief case studies, where available, and checklist questions for the auditor illustrate the main aspects. The Brief mainly concentrates on individual procurement procedures but concessions and public-private partnerships are also touched on at the end of the Brief.


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