Assessing the Impact of Digital Government in Colombia

Towards a new methodology

image of Assessing the Impact of Digital Government in Colombia

This review analyses the monitoring and evaluation system of Colombia's Online Government Strategy and provides recommendations for developing an impact assessment methodology for digital government. It looks at the background, evolution and current status of the Strategy, and draws insights from the first implementation of a transitional methodology. The findings will help Colombia build the tools and capacities needed to effectively and sustainably implement its digital government strategy.

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Designing an impact assessment methodology for Colombia's Online Government Strategy

This chapter provides a technical note to support the full development of the digital government impact assessment methodology for Colombia’s Online Government Strategy, comprising three components: 1) an indicator framework; 2) a variable correlation model; and 3) a data-collection instrument. This chapter builds on the background work conducted in Chapter 1, which has provided a comprehensive scoping study mapping the evolution and programme components that drive Colombia’s Online Government Strategy. The proposal for a transitional impact assessment methodology takes into account Colombia’s current context, policy design and implementation as well as the existing evaluation and monitoring tools and governance structure.

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