Administrative Simplification in the Mexican Social Security Institute

image of Administrative Simplification in the Mexican Social Security Institute

This report assesses the impact on citizens and businesses of the administrative simplification measures carried out by the Mexican Social Security Institute. Administrative burdens are measured in the time it takes citizens and businesses to complete forms and wait in line to request or deliver information to the government. Using an adaptation of the Standard Cost Model, this report finds that such burdens for users have decreased by at least 25% thanks to the simplification and digitalisation of administrative formalities. It also suggests how the Institute could reduce burdens even further. By promoting the use of online formalities, IMSS could reduce administrative burdens by an additional 11%.

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Measuring the administrative burdens of procedures in the Mexican Institute of Social Security

This chapter introduces administrative burdens triggered by procedures carried out in the IMSS. The first section shows the total aggregate administrative burdens by procedure version – in person, online and mobile application – and compares it to its total population. Furthermore, it includes the unitary and total administrative burdens organised by IMSS’ administrative area, with an emphasis on procedures that can be carried out through digital means. The chapter concludes with the Institute’s procedures that represent 81% of total administrative burdens. 

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