OECD Policy Responses on the Impacts of the War in Ukraine

This series compiles data, analysis and policy recommendations on the range of impacts and consequences related to the war in Ukraine, on the economy, refugees/migratory flows, energy, commodities, and more. The series aims to inform and support policy makers in their immediate response to the crisis in the early phases of the conflict, and inform longer-term domestic reconstruction and global-recovery efforts as the situation evolves.

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Administrative Service Delivery during War Time

The large-scale aggression by Russia against Ukraine drastically changed how and which administrative services are delivered to its citizens. Physical facilities and communications infrastructure have been damaged or occupied in many areas of the country. This created the need to adapt or propose new ways of providing administrative services and the creation of entirely new services. The system of service delivery has had to be relaunched, adapted and even transformed. During the first days of the war there were almost no services. After three months the system had adapted to wartime conditions. The Ukrainian system of administrative service delivery has proved itself resilient in terms of safety and security, and in terms of responses to the new needs of the population. The simplification, deregulation and digitalisation efforts of the government will continue after the war.

English Also available in: Ukrainian

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