Access to Justice for Business and Inclusive Growth in Latvia

image of Access to Justice for Business and Inclusive Growth in Latvia

Like many OECD countries, Latvia is taking an innovative, user-centred approach to improving legal and justice services by strengthening the judicial sector and law enforcement authorities This report reviews the commercial, legal and regulatory framework in Latvia, highlighting its impact on businesses and its suitability for different forms of commercial activity. It analyses business’ legal and justice needs, and evaluates the accessibility and responsiveness of public services for business, including dispute resolution mechanisms. Finally, the report provides recommendations to help Latvia better tailor justice services to the needs of business and thus support more inclusive growth.



Responding to business needs: Fostering a doing-business enabling framework in Latvia

This chapter presents and discusses the current organisational and procedural arrangements deployed by the government to pursue administrative simplification and promote an increasingly business-friendly environment in Latvia. By placing specific focus on procedures regulated by the Latvian Commercial Law, the chapter seeks to identify actions that could further facilitate doing business based on evidential validation drawn from the Chapter 3 related to costs associated with administrative procedures.


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