Documents de travail de l'OCDE sur l'économie numérique

Les technologies de l'information et de la communication sont largement diffusées et utilisées, ce qui renforce leur incidence économique et sociale. L'OCDE conduit des activités pour aider à mieux comprendre la façon dont les TIC contribuent à une croissance économique et un bien-être social durables, ainsi que leur rôle dans l'évolution vers des sociétés fondées sur la connaissance.

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The road to 5G networks

Experience to date and future developments

The fifth generation of wireless networks, 5G, represents an evolutionary process of previous generations of wireless networks (i.e. 2G, 3G, and 4G). This next generation of wireless technology is intended to provide 20 Gbps download speeds and latency of one millisecond (i.e. download speeds 200 times faster and one-tenth the latency of current 4G networks). This report examines what the future of 5G could mean for communication markets in terms of investment, good practices in spectrum management, competition, coverage and meeting the increasing requirements of the digital transformation. Case studies from OECD countries are the focus of the report, approaching the issue from a two-fold perspective: 5G national strategies, and technological trials. The report also explores how 5G may represent a paradigm shift, as it is the first standard conceived with the Internet of Things (IoT) world in mind, where different connected devices have diverse network requirements.


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