Test No. 206: Avian Reproduction Test

The purpose of this Test Guideline is to determine the effects on the reproduction of a substance administered with food to birds.

Birds are fed a diet containing the test substance in various concentrations for a period of not less than 20 weeks. A minimum of three dietary concentrations of the test substance is required. The maximum recommended test concentration is 1000 ppm. Birds may be kept in pens as pairs (at least 12 pens per test group) or as groups of one male and two or three females (at least 8-12 pens per group). Birds are induced, by photoperiod manipulation, to lay eggs. Eggs are collected over a ten-week period, artificially incubated and hatched, and the young maintained for 14 days. Suitable facilities for rearing birds, preferably indoors, are necessary. Mortality of adults, egg production, cracked eggs, egg shell thickness (at least two eggs from each pen), viability, hatchability and effects on young birds are observed during the study.

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