Global Plastics Outlook

The OECD Global Plastics Outlook database intends to inform and support ongoing policy efforts to mitigate adverse environmental impacts arising along the value chain of plastics. The database includes data from 1990 to 2060 covering the full lifecylce of plastics, from the use of plastic materials by polymer and application to the generation of plastic waste and finally the leakage of plastic waste into the environment. . The three scenarios include (i) a baseline scenario (business-as-usual scenario with no additional policy); (ii) a Regional Action scenario which comprises a mix of fiscal and regulatory policies targeting all phases of the plastics lifecycle, and is more ambitious for OECD countries than for non-OECD countries; (iii) a Global Ambition scenario which explores a very stringent global policy package that aims to reduce plastic leakage to near zero by 2060.

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