Développement urbain, rural et régional

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image of Multi-dimensional Review of Thailand

Multi-dimensional Review of Thailand

Thailand is a fast emerging country that aspires to become a high-income economy by 2037. Strong growth has enabled the country to join the group of upper-middle-income economies in the early 2010s and to perform well in many areas.
image of ITF Transport Outlook 2019

ITF Transport Outlook 2019

The ITF Transport Outlook provides an overview of recent trends and near-term prospects for the transport sector at a global level as well as long-term prospects for transport demand to 2050. The analysis covers freight (maritime, air, surface) and...
image of Rural study of Korea

Rural study of Korea

This paper examines the role of rural regions in the economic transformation of Korea. The analysis at regional level reveals that, while having experiencing continued urbanisation and rapid demographic shift of aging and depopulation, the Korean...
image of Promoting Indigenous community economic development, entrepreneurship and SMEs in a rural context

Promoting Indigenous community economic development, entrepreneurship and SMEs in a rural context

This paper establishes an analytical framework for understanding and assessing Indigenous economic development and well-being in a place-based context. It identifies the importance of flexibility in geographic scale for organising policies for...
image of Politiques agricoles : suivi et évaluation 2018

Politiques agricoles : suivi et évaluation 2018

Ce rapport est le 31e de la série de rapports qui suivent et évaluent l’évolution des politiques agricoles à travers différents pays, et le 6e qui inclut à la fois tous les 35 pays de l’OCDE, les six états de l’Union européenne qui ne sont pas...

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