OECD Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Papers

Sélection d’études sur les questions relatives à l’alimentation, l’agriculture et les pêcheries préparées par la Direction des Échanges et de l’Agriculture.


Fuel Tax Concessions in the Fisheries Sector

At the 2009 Pittsburgh Summit, G20 leaders requested an analysis of the scope of energy subsidies and suggestions regarding how they may be phased out and rationalised. This report responds to this request by identifying and measuring fuel tax concessions in the fisheries sector. It provides data on fuel use, tax concessions, and related information for OECD countries and partners, as well as describing some of the key challenges in measuring data of this type.


Mots-clés: tax concessions, fisheries, fossil-fuel subsidies, fuel use, tax exemptions, environmentally harmful subsidies
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