The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Portugal

image of The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Portugal

EU Funded Note

The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Portugal examines how regulatory reforms could help Portugal build a more enabling and competitive environment for investment, in particular foreign direct investment (FDI). The report analyses trends and patterns of FDI activity in Portugal, including its broader economic, social and environmental benefits to Portugal. It gives an overview of the economy-wide and sector-specific regulatory settings in Portugal compared to selected European peer economies and provides an empirical analysis of the potential effects of domestic regulatory reforms on FDI. Foreign investors’ perceptions on Portugal’s business environment complement these findings. The report indicates potential areas for regulatory reforms and proposes policy measures to further improve Portugal’s investment climate and support efforts to attract and retain more FDI while strengthening its contribution to sustainable development in Portugal.


Trends and impacts of foreign direct investment in Portugal

This chapter assesses Portugal’s performance in attracting and retaining foreign direct investment (FDI) and explores the various economic, social and environmental benefits of foreign multinational activity in Portugal (e.g. green and digital transition, skills development, gender equality, technology uptake, integration into global value chains, regional development). Several data sources are used in the assessment, including official FDI statistics, cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and greenfield investment data, as well as firm-level data from Statistics Portugal (INE), among other economic indicators.


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