The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Finland

image of The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Finland

The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Finland examines what drives FDI into Finland and which domestic regulatory aspects may discourage foreign investment. The report analyses trends in FDI flows towards Finland and other Nordic-Baltic countries and discusses the benefits of foreign investment for the Finnish economy. It provides a comparative overview of the regulatory frameworks in force in Finland and its Nordic-Baltic peers, outlining both economy-wide and sector-specific findings, and explores how changes in these regulatory frameworks are linked to changes in FDI inflows in the region. Foreign investors’ views on Finland’s business environment complement these findings. The report underlines potential areas for reform and suggests policy actions that could further improve Finland’s investment climate and contribute to attracting and retaining more FDI, while also strengthening its positive impact.


Trends and benefits of foreign investment

This chapter presents main trends of FDI activity in Finland in comparison with other countries in the Nordic-Baltic region. It provides an overview of the sources of foreign capital and a sectoral breakdown of foreign investment into the Finnish economy. It also offers further insights into equity capital flows by taking stock of recent trends in cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions and greenfield investment projects, assessing Finland’s relative performance in attracting these types of FDI, as well as their sectoral and geographical allocation. In addition, it explores the broader social, economic and environmental benefits of foreign multinational activities in Finland, with respect to, for instance, value added, employment and wages, gender pay gaps, technology spill-overs and export performance.


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