OECD Journal: Financial Market Trends

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The articles in Financial Market Trends focus on trends, structural issues and developments in financial markets and the financial sector.


The Contribution of the Asset Management Industry to Long-term Growth

The global asset management industry was severely hit by the worldwide financial crisis, but has recovered well from the crisis. The resiliency of the asset management industry can be explained by a more diversified industry and investors turning to greater diversification in asset classes. The asset management industry is a vital source of economic growth as intermediary in the savings-investment channel. The industry is also one of the most important providers of liquidity needed to ensure smooth functioning of capital markets and provides the means for its clients to diversify their portfolios and achieve their investment goals. Asset managers should act as the ‘stewards’ of their clients’ interest. But less ‘sticky’ liabilities tend to create short-termism of asset managers. A sound governance framework, more transparency, better communication with clients and better management of their expectations may be needed to overcome this problem. But clients themselves, at the institutional as well as retail level, will also have to adopt a more long-term view to appropriately evaluate the risk and returns of their portfolios. Vehicles for longterm retail investment need to be developed and support by fiscal and other incentives may be considered.


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