Terrorism Risk Insurance in OECD Countries

image of Terrorism Risk Insurance in OECD Countries

This book presents OECD policy conclusions and leading academic analysis on the financial management of terrorism risk nearly four years after the World Trade Centre attacks. It examines how the insurance market reacted after the 9/11 attacks, financial market solutions for terrorism risk, and possible roles for governments in the coverage of terrorism risk. It includes a table comparing terrorism insurance schemes in various OECD countries as well as an analysis of terrorism coverage in South Africa, Israel, and India.



Annex - Terrorism Coverage in Non-member Countries

Israel, the Republic of India and South Africa

This chapter is aimed at presenting and discussing the main features of terrorism risk coverage schemes implemented in selected Non-Member Countries, in the broader context of the current debate on the respective potential roles of insurance companies, financial markets and governments in the coverage of terror-related losses. The focus of the analysis, in particular, will be placed on the current situation in South Africa, in Israel and in the Republic of India. These countries, in fact, with their peculiarities and specificities, offer a good sample of different types of institutional arrangements.


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