SME Policy Index: The Mediterranean Middle East and North Africa 2014

Implementation of the Small Business Act for Europe

image of SME Policy Index: The Mediterranean Middle East and North Africa 2014

This report assesses the elaboration and implementation of SME policy in eight Middle East and North African economies of the southern Mediterranean shore. The assessment is structured according to the ten policy principles covered in the Small Business Act for Europe (the SBA). One of the main findings is that over the last five years there has been progress in SME policy elaboration and implementation in spite of the political and economic turmoil. However, that progress has been modest, incremental and uneven across economies and dimensions. Political and economic stability, as well as institutional development, had a major impact on policy performance.

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Economic growth in PA remains strong, although it slowed significantly from 12.2% in 2011 to 5.9% in 2012. This slowdown was mainly due to heightened political uncertainty and decreased donor support. Recent years saw a strong upward trend, with real GDP growth rates exceeding an average of 8% per annum since 2007. This trend was supported by increasing political stability, ongoing reform efforts, strong donor support, and better internal movement of people and goods. However, the economy remains subject to logistical challenges that raise trade transaction costs.

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