SME Policy Index: Eastern Partner Countries 2012

Progress in the Implementation of the Small Business Act for Europe

image of SME Policy Index: Eastern Partner Countries 2012

This ssessment of SME policy frameworks in eastern partnership countries helps support SME policy development in the eastern partnership countries through identification of strong and weak points in SME policy elaboration and implementation.



SBA country profile: Azerbaijan

In recent years, Azerbaijan has made significant progress in acknowledging the key role of small business in the diversification of its economy, and in setting up an institutional and legislative framework to address the issues of entrepreneurship. The Small Business Act (SBA) assessment identified the improvement of the regulatory environment as one of its main achievements. There has also been progress in simplification of regulation by reducing the number of days, procedures and costs required to start a business, as well as the introduction of online registration for both individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. Nonetheless, much remains to be done in strengthening horizontal intra-governmental co-ordination mechanisms and creating more opportunities for the small business sector to be involved in the policy-making process through public-private dialogue and its better representation within associations and other advocacy groups.


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