SME Policy Index: Eastern Partner Countries 2012

Progress in the Implementation of the Small Business Act for Europe

image of SME Policy Index: Eastern Partner Countries 2012

This ssessment of SME policy frameworks in eastern partnership countries helps support SME policy development in the eastern partnership countries through identification of strong and weak points in SME policy elaboration and implementation.



SBA country profile: Armenia

Since 2000, the Armenian government has pursued a pro-active approach to supporting SME growth. Key developments were the establishment of an SME policy implementation agency, creation of an SME Support Council and, currently, work on a new SME strategy. Armenia has achieved the highest scores in the areas of operational environment as a result of recent and extensive deregulation initiatives. The SME Development National Center Fund (SME DNC Fund), an efficient and geographically far-reaching SME agency, offers effective SME support tools such as business services and training and information centres, particularly for start-ups. Armenia further supports SMEs in building its export and innovation capabilities. Despite these improvements and the government’s declaration that SME development is a strategic priority, the sector still needs a strong and viable development strategy and effective policy implementation mechanisms. According to the SBA assessment, key areas which should be given priority are SME financing, innovation and export promotion.


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