Securities Markets in Eurasia

image of Securities Markets in Eurasia

Central Asia's securities markets remain small-scale and underdeveloped. Building up well functioning securities markets will be essential to vitalising their economies. This publication contains an overview of securities markets in the region and selected country reports. It provides comprehensive data and analyses of securities markets in the region, updated to April 2005, addressing specifically effective measures to develop securities markets and infrastructure, especially the role of institutional investors and clearing and settlement systems; building investor confidence; and regulation and supervision of securities markets.



The Development of Institutional Investors and Pension Funds in Kyrgyzstan

The attractiveness of Kyrgyzstan for investors has always been considered from the point of view of foreign investment. For more than a decade now, our republic has dreamed of a shower of foreign investment. And for good reasons – only foreign investors have the wherewithal to bring in large volumes of capital, new technology and modern management methods.


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