OECD Journal: Financial Market Trends

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The articles in Financial Market Trends focus on trends, structural issues and developments in financial markets and the financial sector.


Risks Ahead for the Financial Industry in a Changing Interest Rate Environment

The current interest rate environment has been conducive to financial institutions assuming exposure to interest rate risks. As interest rates are expected to rise globally, albeit slowly, and current steep yield curves may soon flatten, such risks may materialise in the near future. At the same time, weaknesses in the banking sector still exist, especially for some segments of the European banking sector. While the effects of changes in interest rates and their structure on financial institutions differ, recent changes in asset and funding structures of banks make them generally more vulnerable to a changing interest rate environment. Currency risk exposure has also grown, and regional concentration may pose specific risks. An unravelling of carry trades will have a negative effect on some institutions. Proper risk management can help during an adjustment process, and regulatory reforms underway will better support risk management functions in financial institutions that are, in any case, already adjusting to the new environment. JEL Classification: G01, G12, G15, G21, G32 Keywords: financial crisis, interest rate risks, sovereign risks, bond markets, banks


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