Risk Awareness, Capital Markets and Catastrophic Risks

image of Risk Awareness, Capital Markets and Catastrophic Risks

The OECD contributes to the improvement of the financial management of major catastrophes both through the activities of the International Network on the Financial Management of Large-Scale Catastrophes and through the leadership of its High-Level Advisory Board. This publication compiles a series of reports reflecting the OECD’s extensive work in this field over recent years. These reports include: 1) a stocktaking of initiatives to promote natural hazard awareness and disaster risk reduction education, resulting in the publication of a policy handbook; 2) a review of and recommendations on catastrophe-linked securities and the role of capital markets in supporting the financial mitigation of large-scale risks, aimed at governments promoting these instruments; 3) a review of current mechanisms used to quantify catastrophe losses within the OECD; and 4) a review of hazard risk mapping efforts in South East Asian countries.




The growing impact of major disasters on OECD and non-member economies has stimulated a demand for an in-depth evaluation of possible strategies to reduce their largescale damaging effects. Recent dramatic events, such as the earthquakes that struck China’s Sichuan Province in 2008 and both Haiti and Chile in 2010, and the major flooding that occurred in Pakistan in 2010, have brought the financial management of catastrophic risks once again to the forefront of the public policy agenda globally.


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