Private Sector Participation in Water Infrastructure

OECD Checklist for Public Action

image of Private Sector Participation in Water Infrastructure

Many countries have sought the involvement of the private sector to upgrade and develop their water and sanitation infrastructure and improve the efficiency of water systems. This book provides a coherent catalogue of policy directions, including appropriate allocation of roles, risks and responsibilities, framework conditions and contractual arrangements necessary to make the best of private sector participation and to harness more effectively the capacities of all stakeholders.

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Water at a Glance

In order to support the conceptual work on private sector participation in water and sanitation infrastructure, a systematic review of country experiences has been carried out based on a common framework. It involves some 30 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific (Table 3.1) in several “dimensions” (Table 3.2). The resulting OECD Water at a Glance information base provides the basis for this section on regional trends and practices. A word of caution is necessary regarding the quality of data and particularly of time series. Changes in monitoring methods within countries and heterogeneity across country methodology may considerably alter the reliability of data and make comparisons over time and across countries difficult. Setting aside the potential measurement problems of absolute levels, broad trends still emerge from the information collected for Water at a Glance. The available data is also qualified and supported by qualitative information that allows for a better understanding of specific contexts.

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