OECD Private Pensions Outlook 2008

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As the role of private pension systems grows in importance, there is a need to monitor their development and review their performance in an international context, especially following the crisis in the financial markets in 2008. This first edition of the OECD Private Pensions Outlook provides essential data on assets, investments, membership, and industry structure based on the latest official statistics, as well as a framework for evaluating the trends shaping the pensions industry, based on the role of the private pensions in relation to the public pension system. It also provides comprehensive country profiles, describing private pension arrangements in individual OECD countries. This edition's special feature covers the implications for pensions and private pensions policy of the financial crisis. This publication includes StatLinks, URLs linking graphs and tables via the internet to Excel® table containing the underlying data.

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Performance Indicators of Private Pension Systems

The 2008 financial crisis focused attention on the reliability of private pensions systems, with some workers suddenly confronted by the prospect of losing a significant part of their benefits. Some schemes will recover less quickly from the crisis than others, and there are even fears that some may not recover at all, at least not without help from the taxpayer. However, the performance of the private pension system as a whole should not be judged by focusing on investment returns in a single year alone. In particular, in order to gauge the private pension system’s ability to deliver benefit adequacy and security in old age, one needs to make projections about the level of benefits that these plans may pay in the future. The following chapter provides a set of performance indicators of private pension systems. In addition to benefit projections for a representative private pension plan in each country, the chapter analyses indicators on coverage, investment performance, solvency and administrative efficiency (operating costs and fees charged to participants) of private pension systems. 

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