OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Zambia 2012

image of OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Zambia 2012

OECD's review of investment policy in Zambia reviews the country's investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, trade and competition policy, tax policy, corporate governance, policies for promoting responsible business conduct, infrastructure development and other aspects of the policy framework for investment.



Infrastructure Development

The government of Zambia has integrated infrastructure investment into broader economic growth objectives under the five-year national development plan. This chapter maps progress in developing and attracting investment in all key infrastructure sectors: telecommunications, electricity, transport, and water and sanitation. It indicates that Zambia has a relatively good network of primary and secondary roads, although it is significantly weaker in rural areas. The deteriorating rail networks are also a crucial issue because as a land-locked mineral-exporting country, Zambia has to rely on regional transport infrastructure. While private investment in telecommunications and the energy sector is relatively recent, it carries strong potential. This chapter also analyses the regulatory and institutional framework for infrastructure development, including how the government evaluates the country’s most pressing infrastructure needs.


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