OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Ukraine 2011

image of OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Ukraine 2011

The series examines countries’ investment policies and reflects the OECD’s mission to help governments enhance their investment climate through peer learning and the sharing of best practices. This review looks at the Ukraine.


Ukraine's Opening to International Investment

In line with recent world investment trends, Ukraine’s FDI inflows declined considerably in 2009 and picked up in 2010 but remain below pre-crisis levels. Financial services and manufacturing together absorb 62% of the total FDI stock. EU27 countries are the main source of Ukraine’s FDI, representing over 75% of the total stock. Foreign investors participated in a number of privatisation deals, particularly in the metallurgical sector. The 2010 government reform programme stresses the contribution of foreign investment not only as a source of external financing but also as a market transformation and competition-enhancing tool and encourages increased participation of foreign investors in the revamped privatisation process.


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