OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Myanmar 2014

image of OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Myanmar 2014

This comprehensive review of Myanmar's policies regarding inward direct  investment covers such issues as trends in investment in Myanmar, responsible business conduct, regulation and protection of investment, investment promotion and facilitation, tax policy, the financial sector in Myanmar, infrastructure in Myanmar, and sustainable investment in Myanmar's agriculture.



Promoting sustainable investment in Myanmar's agriculture

Promoting sustainable private investment in agriculture is crucial to enhance agricultural growth, maximise the development benefits of investments and achieve food security. This chapter highlights key policy challenges to be addressed to attract more and better investment in agriculture, drawing from the OECD Policy Framework for Investment in Agriculture. The first section examines the context for agricultural investment. The second section provides an overview of Myanmar’s investment policy in agriculture, focusing particularly on the land tenure system, the regime for foreign direct investment and the tax incentives offered to agricultural investors. The third section identifies key challenges to promote responsible investment in agriculture that can effectively contribute to sustainable economic and social development. The last section examines specific sectoral policies that can encourage investment in agriculture, namely financial sector development, trade, access to inputs, infrastructure development, human resource development and research.


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