OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Myanmar 2014

image of OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Myanmar 2014

This comprehensive review of Myanmar's policies regarding inward direct  investment covers such issues as trends in investment in Myanmar, responsible business conduct, regulation and protection of investment, investment promotion and facilitation, tax policy, the financial sector in Myanmar, infrastructure in Myanmar, and sustainable investment in Myanmar's agriculture.



Investment promotion and facilitation in Myanmar

As part of a process to develop a sound, broad-based business climate, investment promotion and facilitation can help attract new investors and retain existing ones, especially in smaller, more remote markets or those countries with a recent history of macroeconomic and political instability. Effective investment promotion highlights profitable investment opportunities, by identifying local partners and by providing a positive image of the economy. Promotion should not be seen as a substitute for more general policy reforms or try to camouflage underlying weaknesses in the investment climate. This chapter analyses Myanmar’s efforts to promote its private sector, in particular through investment promotion and facilitation measures. It also addresses the role of special economic zones, SMEs and investment linkages in the country’s overall private sector development strategy.


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