OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Myanmar 2014

image of OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Myanmar 2014

This comprehensive review of Myanmar's policies regarding inward direct  investment covers such issues as trends in investment in Myanmar, responsible business conduct, regulation and protection of investment, investment promotion and facilitation, tax policy, the financial sector in Myanmar, infrastructure in Myanmar, and sustainable investment in Myanmar's agriculture.



Developing Myanmar's infrastructure

This chapter examines the challenges for advancing private sector participation in infrastructure in Myanmar. It looks into the challenge of infrastructure access and financing in the country, as well the prospects for infrastructure investments following Myanmar’s transition to a more open economy. The chapter also reviews recent and announced reforms and the remaining obstacles for creating an institutional and regulatory environment suitable for private participation in infrastructure. These issues and other sector-specific issues are then discussed for three key infrastructure sectors: transport, telecommunications and electricity. Green infrastructure is addressed throughout the chapter and in balance with Myanmar’s need to build infrastructure assets for growth.


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