OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Egypt 2020

image of OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Egypt 2020

This review uses the OECD Policy Framework for Investment to provide an assessment of the investment climate in Egypt and to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the government of Egypt in its reform efforts. The review examines trends in foreign investment and their socio-economic benefits, the country’s wider regulatory framework on investors’ entry and expansion, its legal framework for investment, and its strategy for investment promotion and facilitation. It also looks at Egypt’s zone-based policies, tax policy and investment incentives, its strategies to promote responsible business conduct, and progress in infrastructure connectivity.



Foreign investment trends and development benefits

This chapter reviews trends in foreign investment in Egypt and their development benefits using various national and international data sources. It looks at the performance of foreign investment relative to neighbouring and emerging economies as well as foreign investment distribution across economic activities and Egyptian governorates. The chapter also examines foreign investment development outcomes, including on productivity, labour market outcomes, export, and supply chain linkages with the local economy.


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