OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Cambodia 2018

image of OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Cambodia 2018

This first OECD Investment Policy Review of Cambodia uses the OECD Policy Framework for Investment to present an assessment of the investment climate in Cambodia and to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the Royal Government of Cambodia in its reform efforts. It includes chapters on investment trends and industrial structure, competitiveness and diversification, improving business regulation, investor protection, investment promotion, good regulatory practices, infrastructure, the investment framework for green growth, corporate governance, competition policy and how ODA is being used to improve the investment climate.



Promoting and enabling responsible business conduct as a strategic choice in Cambodia

This chapter considers how Cambodia could promote and enable responsible business conduct (RBC) as a strategic choice by mainstreaming RBC at a government level and clearly communicating RBC priorities and expectations. The chapter traces Cambodia’s success in the garment sector to the steps taken to promote safe sourcing beginning in the 1990s and looks at the growing importance of RBC within global supply chains. It also considers how multi-stakeholder consultations could be expanded and suggests that Cambodia could consider a National Action Plan for RBC.


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