OECD Energy Investment Policy Review of Ukraine

image of OECD Energy Investment Policy Review of Ukraine

This Review assesses Ukraine’s investment climate vis-à-vis the country’s energy sector reforms and discusses challenges and opportunities in this context. Capitalising on the OECD Policy Framework for Investment and other relevant instruments and guidance, the Review takes a broad approach to investment climate challenges facing Ukraine’s energy sector. It covers investment trends, the current policy and regulatory framework, the legal and institutional framework for investment protection, investment promotion and facilitation, public governance, energy infrastructure and policies relating to promoting and enabling responsible business conduct. The analysis and recommendations in the Review can help policy makers strengthen the enabling conditions for investment in Ukraine’s energy sector.


The Policy Framework for Investment

This chapter provides an overview of Ukraine’s framework for investment relevant to investment in the energy sector. It assesses Ukraine’s restrictions on the entry of foreign investors in the energy sector and the extent to which the country provides national treatment once they are established. The chapter notably looks into the rules for property protection and access to land, as these issues are important for investors interested in operating in the energy sector.


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