OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Greece 2017

image of OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Greece 2017

This report analyses Greek legislation in a number of sectors and identifies about 350 legal provisions which could be removed or amended to lift regulatory barriers to competition. The work undertaken in the project has involved the review of over 1 200 pieces of legislation in these sectors of the economy, using the OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit. The analysis of the legislation and of the Greek sectors has been complemented by research into international experience and consultation with stakeholders from the public and private sectors. The OECD has developed recommendations to remove or modify the provisions in order to be less restrictive for suppliers and consumers, while still achieving Greek policy makers’ initial objectives. If these recommendations are implemented, benefits to consumers in Greece and to the Greek economy should arise in all sectors. Throughout this report, the authors identify the sources of those benefits and, where possible, provide quantitative estimates.



Wholesale Trade

The wholesale trade sector includes all major activities that form the supply chain of products before they reach the final consumer. Provisions restrictive to competition were identified between operators in the same market. For example, the organised wholesale trade of fruit, vegetables and meat products through the central markets of Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras operates on the basis of exclusivity clauses. In the fuel-trading sector, certain obligations included in exclusive supply agreements between wholesalers and retailers are safeguarded by law. Finally, much of the legislation covering the transportation of goods appears redundant or to have been horizontally replaced by newer legislation. Yet the level of regulatory uncertainty remains high even among the public administration officials charged with applying provisions and imposing fines.


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