OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Brazil

image of OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Brazil

This review provides an analysis of regulatory barriers to competition in Brazil, specifically in the ports and civil aviation sectors, and makes recommendations for Brazilian authorities to mitigate harm to competition and foster long-lasting growth. It is based on a competition assessment conducted by the OECD in co-operation with the Brazilian Competition Authority (CADE) identifying rules and regulations that may hinder the competitive and efficient functioning of markets in the two sectors under review. The review also includes estimates of the impact that the implementation of certain specific recommendations could have on the economy.

English Also available in: Portuguese


This review examines the impact of regulation on competition in the Brazilian civil-aviation and ports sectors, which together accounted for almost 1.6% of the country’s pre‑pandemic GDP. The assessment was conducted in co‑operation with Brazilian competition authority CADE and in close consultation with relevant Brazilian authorities and local stakeholders.

English Also available in: Portuguese

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