OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2016

image of OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2016

It is seven years since the global crisis and despite easy monetary policy, financial regulatory reform, and G20 resolutions favouring structural measures, the world economy is not making a lot of progress. Indeed, the responses to the crisis seem mainly to have stopped the banks from failing and then pushed the many faces of the crisis around between regions—currently taking the form of excess capacity in emerging markets. Productivity growth raises income per head, allows companies to pay better wages and it raises demand to help to eliminate excess capacity and improve employment. However, this element is missing in the global corporate sector. The theme of this year’s Business and Finance Outlook is fragmentation: the inconsistent structures, policies, rules, laws and industry practices that appear to be blocking business efficiency and productivity growth.


Fragmentation of retirement markets due to differences in life expectancy

This chapter provides evidence of the differences in life expectancy around retirement age across different socio-economic groups in selected OECD countries based on measures of education, income and occupation. Evidence shows that higher socio‐economic groups live longer than those in lower socio-economic groups and these differences may be increasing over time. Fragmentation of mortality rates has implications for pensions, annuity markets and public policy. It makes it more challenging for pension funds and insurance companies to manage longevity risk. However, it also presents an opportunity to better tailor retirement solutions to the needs of different segments of society. Policy makers need to be aware of these differences to ensure that rules governing access to pensions and retirement savings do not put those in lower socio-economic groups at a disadvantage.



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