OECD Banking Statistics: Methodological Country Notes 2010

image of OECD Banking Statistics: Methodological Country Notes 2010

Trends in bank profitability and factors affecting it are major indicators of changes in the state of health of national banking systems. This publication complements Banking Statistics: Financial Statements of Banks 2010 which provides a unique tool for analysing developments in bank profitability in OECD countries. In addition to information on financial statements of banks in OECD countries, it includes data on the number of reporting banks, their branches and staff, structural information on the whole financial sector and ratios aiming at facilitating the analysis of bank profitability of OECD countries.

The methodological country notes included in this volume were prepared to facilitate the comprehension and the interpretation of the statistics and to provide a brief description of the activities of banks in each country.

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The statistics published in Banking Statistics – Financial Statements of Banks relate to domestic depository institutions including commercial banks, savings institutions, and credit unions. All of these institutions have deposit liabilities that are included in the national monetary aggregates. Commercial banks make a variety of business, real estate, and personal loans, financed mainly by time, savings, and demand and other checkable deposits. Savings institutions lend primarily for housing; their funding sources are similar to those for banks. Credit unions provide personal savings and borrowing products and are not subject to US corporate taxes.

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