Mortality and the Provision of Retirement Income

image of Mortality and the Provision of Retirement Income

This report analyses the development of mortality assumptions to build mortality tables to better protect retirement income provision. Mortality assumptions are necessary to ensure the sustainability of lifetime incomes. It explores considerations and traditional approaches for developing mortality tables, as well as provides an international overview of longevity trends and drivers over the last several decades, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The report also details the standard mortality tables developed across OECD member countries and offers guidelines to assist regulators and supervisors in assessing whether the mortality assumptions and tables used in the context of retirement income provision are appropriate.


Global approaches to developing standard mortality tables for the provision of retirement income

This chapter reviews the mortality tables developed and used in 40 jurisdictions in the context of retirement income provision. It looks at how the tables are used in practice, and the methodologies used to develop the tables. It also compares the life expectancies calculated from the tables that are available compared to those of the population.


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